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Portal e APP do Grupo Indaqua

After developing their websites with LOBA, they considered the development of a dedicated area for their clients as a competitive advantage.

Therefore, they challenged our team to develop a comprehensive solution (resulting in a Digital Counter and a mobile application), integrating innovative digital elements to address the challenges proposed by the INDAQUA Group team.

Main objectives

  • Easy and fast access for users
  • Access to personal data and invoices
  • Convenient submission of monthly readings
  • Invoice payments


To ensure a high-quality project that met the needs of the INDAQUA Group and provided good usability practices for users, we adopted an agile approach.

In this regard, we performed tasks such as:

  • Detailed benchmarking meetings, which allowed the creative team to identify the most important and valuable functionalities for the client
  • Creation of navigation flows that differentiated the INDAQUA solution from competitors
  • UX/UI testing to make the best and most appropriate decisions
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After a detailed analysis and based on the developed wireframes and identified navigation flows, we decided that the best course of action would be to develop two platforms as part of our comprehensive solution:

1 - Mobile app: As it is becoming an increasingly popular means of accessing information, we wanted to provide Grupo INDAQUA's clients with access to their accounts through their mobile devices, anywhere, with a simple click.

2 - Portal: Although the mobile application is easily accessible, we considered the portal a practical support solution that caters to a considerable portion of INDAQUA's target audience (since we have many business partners who would regularly use the portal solution at their workplaces).

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Objective: To consult monthly or bimonthly invoices.


  • Check the status of invoices (if paid or pending payment)
  • Know the payment deadline
  • Identify any outstanding or credited amounts
  • Make payments via mb way or Multibanco (Portuguese payment system)


Objective: To view the consumption history (daily and over the past 13 months)


  • Compare the average daily consumption with the water consumption of the last 12 months
  • View the water consumption over the past 13 months through a bar chart/illustration, with identification of estimated and actual values
  • Possibility to subscribe to Indaqua services, such as Bimonthly Invoice, Electronic Invoice, or Direct Debit


Objective: To submit new readings and view the history.

  • Presentation on how to correctly read the meter to prevent errors in submitting actual readings
  • Submission of readings by the user, considering the various available meters
  • Clear and immediate identification of the last submitted reading and whether it was estimated by the Indaqua team or real (submitted by the customer)
  • Viewing the reading history, including month of submission, reading type, meter number, source, and date


Objective: To view contract details.


  • Presentation of a list of all contracts related to the customer's taxpayer identification number (NIF) accessing the tool
  • View details of each contract (in the case of multiple accounts)
  • Possibility to update personal data for subsequent validation by Indaqua
  • Possibility to subscribe to Indaqua services, such as Bimonthly Invoice, Electronic Invoice, or Direct Debit

Electronic Invoices

Objective: To subscribe to the electronic invoice service.


  • Option to subscribe to electronic invoices by providing an email address
  • If the service has already been subscribed to, this area indicates that the subscription to electronic invoices has been completed, also indicating the associated email
  • Possibility to change the previously entered email
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