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EVOLVE Ecosystem

The branding of EVOLVE, namely logo and other visual identity elements, served as a basis for the creation of the ecosystem sub-brand. However, elements that allow the promotion of this project independently, and after the conclusion of the EVOLVE project, were added.

We also created a microsite with all the information about the project, target audience, advantages for ecosystem members, news section and other initiatives, and that maintains the link to the EVOLVE project official website.

Evolve Ecosystem - 1 - LOBAbx
Evolve Ecosystem - Dualparallax
Evolve Ecosystem - Dualparallax 2


Evolve Ecosystem - Interfaces - LOBAbx


A sub-website was created as well at with all the important information: about, why be a member, who can join, form to apply for membership, news section and other initiatives. The new website is linked to the EVOLVE main website as well.

Evolve Ecosystem - Final - LOBAbx

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