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Cosmetis is a 100% digital brand present in over 40 countries, in many different languages. When they challenged us to work on this rebranding project, they wanted to have a global digital presence, and a unique website domain.

The first step for LOBA team was to define the Brand Strategy. Once we understood the path to the new brand, we realized that the name Cosmetis has a lot of meaning. As a global brand, and communicating in English, the last two letters of its name suddenly had a whole new meaning: Cosmetis (is) all ages, all genders, all seasons, all languages. Cosmetis is, then, a democratic brand, for everyone.

The next step was to translate this concept into a new identity. The new logo and lettering place emphasis on the “is”, giving personality and meaning to the brand. The chosen color palette meets the value of democracy that was defined for the brand, once again showing that Cosmetis is for everyone.

To support the brand's communication, some additional elements were developed, as well as a seal that conveys the message Best Price, Better Care. At Cosmetis, you will find the best for you, at the best prices. 

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cosmetis - 2.1 - LOBAbx
cosmetis - 2.2 - LOBAbx
cosmetis - 3.1 - LOBAbx
cosmetis - 3.2 - LOBAbx
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cosmetis - 3.4 - LOBAbx
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Cosmetis 4 .1 - LOBAbx
Cosmetis 4 .2 - LOBAbx
cosmetis - 4.1 - LOBAbx
cosmetis - 4.2 - LOBAbx
cosmetis - 5.3 - LOBAbx
cosmetis - 5.4 - LOBAbx
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cosmetis - 6.1
cosmetis - 6.2
cosmetis - 7.1
cosmetis - 7.2

is all about you

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