Espaço Atlântida


Espaço Atlântida
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The Espaço Atlântida - Centre for the Study of the History of Reading is EGEAG's latest equipment. It is a public library in Lisbon created from the personal collection of Alberto Manguel, and it will function as a multicultural space without language barriers and, therefore, for all the readers of the world.

For the branding of this project we were inspired, of course, by books. We developed an inclusive identity with an accessory icon in the shape of an open book. The colour palette is dynamic and represents the multiculturalism of a space without borders between authors and readers.

Espaço Atlântida - Sobreposição 2 - LOBAbx
Espaço Atlântida - Parallax
Espaço Atlântida - Parallax 2

espaço atlântida

Espaço Atlântida - Transição - LOBAbx
Espaço Atlântida - Transição 2 - LOBAbx
Espaço Atlântida - Interfaces - LOBAbxEspaço Atlântida - Interfaces 2 - LOBAbx
Espaço Atlântida - Fullscreen 2 - LOBAbx
Espaço Atlântida - Parallax 2.1
Espaço Atlântida - Parallax 2.2
Espaço Atlântida - Fullscreen 3 - LOBAbx

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