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Therefore, FIEL entrusted to LOBA not only the development of the new site of the main brand (FIEL), but also the creation of the sites of its two other brands.

For the new FIEL website, the focus on the product as the main character, the total reorganization of the various categories to facilitate navigation and a fun and captivating communication, were some of the challenges proposed by the brand to our creative team. Thus, the strong and cheerful colors of exotic fruits - so characteristic! - were our main inspiration for this ""very sweet"" project. The final result combines an appealing, colorful and cheerful visual with easy access to all the contents presented by FIEL.

Mon Petit Jardin is a gourmet vegetable brand that LOBA was already familiar with, since its branding was our responsibility. Thus, the creative process for the site was much easier, as the team followed the previous motto: an imaginary rooted in the brand and its own products, with graphics supported by illustrations in the style of storybooks.

As for Nativa, being the brand that is essentially oriented to the import and export of exotic fruits and vegetables, the communication applied in the website is based on the main element linked to it and that, like its unique and distinct products, also presents exotic characteristics: the toucan.

Finally, using Wordpress technology, the three sites include a network that allows the client to manage products, not only autonomously, but also centralized in a single backoffice.


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Mon Petit Jardin

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