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Over the years, OLI has created products that, at a global scale, have changed the daily experience in the bathroom space. The WC has become more efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible. It was precisely these values adopted by the modern WC recent decades, that inspired LOBA in its development of the brand's new institutional brand.

Our knowledge of the sector's core business - arising from many years of partnership between LOBA and OLI - enabled us to develop an organised, clean platform with easily accessible information and adapted to the different mobile devices.

OLI is essentially characterised by two major factors: in the first place, the use of patented technology and high quality standards in its production processes, and in the second place, the complexity of its products. These two points were the key that opened doors for the construction of a digital showcase of the entire OLI offer, able to meet the requirements of both the B2B market and the end consumer.


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