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Seaside Performance

A case study about conversion and retention, through digital media, in one of the main footwear and fashion accessories industries in Portugal

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Seaside, step up… to digital.

The challenge: To strengthen the brand's online presence, making it grow in a sustainable and profitable way a still new sales channel, the Seaside Online Shop. Through a digital and performance strategy, to create a feeling of daring, innovation, safety and loyalty.

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Proposed KPIs

Seaside has nowadays more than 150 physical stores, being the main national reference in the footwear and fashion accessories industry. Although it is an international brand, present in Spain, France, Luxembourg, Angola and Mozambique, Seaside has Portuguese origin and 70% of the footwear is produced in Portugal. The brand operates with more than 120 national factories and sells around 2 millions of shoes per year

+ 50%

Increase the conversion rate on the site.

+ 100%

Increase the volume of traffic on the site (unique users).

- 7%

Decrease the cart abandonment rate.

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Stage 1: The road to change...

Big brands, big challenges. Still, at LOBA, we don't just focus on our clients, but mainly on our clients' clients. So we started by analyzing the audience, segmenting and creating lookalike and remarketing lists. We then began a LOBA-style digital revolution.


Following the outlined objectives and the proposed KPI's, we developed geolocalized campaigns where there are no physical stores, personalized campaigns at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. We joined forces to gain a greater market share on the search network, as well as increasing creative in video format, with a focus on conversion.


We moved forward with benchmarking and the creation of value-added campaigns that allowed us to consistently increase the average monthly ticket.


In line with a performance strategy, we implemented a Growth Market strategy, with an approach focused on the sales funnel and which enabled us to reduce the volume of returns.

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stage 2: the peak season

It is said that Black Friday or Christmas are prepared in the summer. In fact, studies show that users search for the term Black Friday two months before the date, often on the Fridays preceding the date. To this end, we are working hard to develop and implement a performance strategy at what is one of the most crucial times for e-commerce. However, it's not all roses. Like us, other players are taking advantage of the Peak Season to implement their strategies and launch performance campaigns. In other words, more competition in ad auctions = higher cost per click. In addition, the Peak Season is a time when the volume of transactions increases exponentially, as does the average ticket.

With the increase in competing ads in the Peak Season and, consequently, the increase in clicks, our focus was on maintaining a healthy ROAS*, but one that didn't prevent us from gaining market share. In other words, we tried to better segment our campaigns, increase their budgets, transaction volume and revenue, accompanied by a sustainable and growing ROAS.

*ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)

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increase in ROAS

In Performance, the results are not simply an increase in the campaign budget. At LOBA, we look at our clients' investment as if it were our own and, in the specific case of Seaside, we saw a 166% increase in ROAS at the end of 2022.

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Stage 3: The turn of the year... and the objectives

Consolidation and innovation have become the key words for 2023. On the one hand, the clear objective of strengthening the results and performance recorded in 2022, and on the other, the feeling of looking for alternatives and innovative solutions that will allow us to achieve more promising KPIs.

It's not enough to do better than last year, we feel obliged to make the Seaside Online Store a reference channel for the brand, in terms of transaction volume and revenue. Transforming the Online Shop into the main channel for bringing in new customers, taking advantage of all the foundations favorable to e-commerce, adding to the brand's an even stronger visibility and notoriety.

online store

Aware that physical stores are the ultimate benchmark in terms of turnover, we believe that the Online Store has and will increasingly play a more important role in presenting new collections, new trends and current promotions.

types of campaigns

We have launched new, more automated types of campaigns that allow us to reach wider channels and traffic. We have focused on new customer loyalty and retention programs, as well as a continuous commitment to attracting new customers, in line with an email and SMS marketing strategy.

transactions compared to the same quarter last year

The results of implementing the digital and performance strategy at Seaside can be seen in the significant growth in the volume of transactions over the same period in the previous year.

The seasonality of the market is evident, but in order to combat this variable, we have managed to implement assertive strategies that have allowed us to create a maturity of consistent growth, always accompanied by a sustainable and growing ROAS.
ROAS, which is also sustainable and growing.

One of our focuses was to reduce the cart abandonment rate by generating more qualified traffic, which translated into a higher volume of transactions and orders.

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revenue year-on-year

Bearing in mind the seasonal effects inherent to the market sector in question, we always look at year-on-year periods to see if there is a
periods to see if there really is a growth trend and if it is sustainable.

The fourth quarter, Peak Season, turns out to be the period with the highest recorded revenue, which is natural.

In addition, we see a very marked upward trend in the amount of revenue generated in the Seaside Online Shop, quarter after quarter, when compared to the same period in the previous year.

users compared to the same quarter last year

We realise that, year after year, generating traffic to a website or online shop is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult.

More players in ad auctions, a change in cookie policy, saturated content, more awareness of adverts, among many other reasons, make it clear that it is difficult to generate a large volume of traffic to Seaside's online shop.

Our focus, in addition to generating traffic volume, has centred on gathering a greater volume of qualified traffic. And the proof of this is reflected in the significant increase in transactions and the decrease in the cart abandonment rate.

These results reflect a very strong segmentation strategy accompanied by a loyalty plan for Seaside.

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Stage 4: Because Google alone isn't enough...

With the creation of a high level of maturity and the exponential growth of results from Google performance, we decided it was time to broaden the range of options and not rely exclusively on a single platform to generate traffic volume and transactions in the Seaside Online Store.

That's when we decided to go ahead with performance on Meta. This late, but conscious decision allowed us to develop a solid strategy, since we had already achieved a very interesting digital maturity for Seaside, as well as a fine-tuned level of campaign segmentation and personalization.

A new performance channel, but the same ambition. That's how we embraced this new challenge, aware of the differences between working on Google and Meta performance. Google is based on intent traffic, while Meta ends up being an aggregator of top and middle of the funnel audiences.

The golden key in Performance... test, test and test.

In Performance there are no absolute truths. That's why we constantly develop
A/B tests constantly, so that we don't have to rely on guesswork and we can prove,
which creatives, copys and cta s work best.

At Seaside, our ultimate goal is conversion, then conversion and finally
conversion. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that we give 100% priority
to content that generates transactions, to the detriment of pretty content that is more
likely to generate a like, comment or share. If we can combine the best of both
worlds, perfect!

In this specific case, through A/B testing, we proved that content with a product and
that directly presents the value proposition (and the associated discount), generated
higher volume of transactions and traffic, better CTR and lower cost per result

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+ 905%

Increase in transactions via Meta ads

+ 914%

Increase in cart additions via Meta ads.

+ 788%

Increase in revenue via Meta ads.

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