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To create URBAN TECH's video, we started from the ideas developed for the branding and website of the project - the concept of city, of expansion - and its own concept - the support and funding of entrepreneurs and start-ups with innovative ideas in the areas of Smart City, Green Tech and Health Tech.

We created the story of Jack, an entrepreneur who lives in a video game scenario in which he faces obstacles and difficulties in getting funding for his ideas, and who finds in UrbanTech City the possibility of moving up through levels until he reaches his goals and celebrates victory.

With this video we were able to demonstrate the project's objectives and the benefits for participants in an appealing way, creating a storytelling narrative adapted to a young, technological and entrepreneurial audience.

URBAN TECH - Fullscreen - LOBAbx
URBAN TECH - Parallax
URBAN TECH - Parallax 2
URBAN TECH - Fullscreen 2.1 - LOBAbx
URBAN TECH - Mobile - LOBAbx
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URBAN TECH - Fullscreen 3.1 - LOBAbx
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