Cork Supply Promotional Video


Vídeo Promocional Cork Supply

Cork Supply is one of the largest manufacturers of natural cork stoppers for the wine industry at a global level and the largest supplier of natural cork stoppers of North America. In addition to natural cork stoppers, it also invests in the production of the best technical stoppers.

LOBA was responsible for the entire production: script, copy, design, animation, editing and post-production of a video provided in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian and French.

Corksupply - Detalhe 1 - LOBAbx
Corksupply - Detalhe 2 - LOBAbx
Corksupply - Detalhe 3 - LOBAbx
Corksupply - Detalhe 4 - LOBAbx
Corksupply - Detalhe 5 - LOBAbx

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