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This video was entirely developed by LOBA, from script to the final motion design animation, and can be used in several situations, such as project events and social media.

This video clearly and concisely introduces the scope and goal of the project, which is to ensure the widespread adoption of robotics in 4 key areas: agri-food, healthcare, inspection and maintenance of infrastructures, and agile production, thus respond the needs of users and promoting its acceptance by society.

Vídeos ROBOTICS4EU - Parallax
Vídeos ROBOTICS4EU - Parallax2
Vídeos ROBOTICS4EU - Fullscreen 2 - LOBAbx
Vídeos ROBOTICS4EU - Transição - LOBAbx
Vídeos ROBOTICS4EU - Transição 2 - LOBAbx
Vídeos ROBOTICS4EU - Fullscreen 3 - LOBAbx

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