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For thus, the consortium aims to develop a large-scale platform bringing in elements of high-performance computing, cloud and big data, tested through 7 different pilots in the areas of agriculture, transportation, maritime surveillance, satellite images, etc.

As the leader of dissemination and communication, LOBA developed the project's website as well as other materials. Their design took into account concepts of technology and big data. The background of a continuous transition of colours, for example, can be associated with the constant evolution and transformation of the digital world. On the other hand, the spherical shapes that appear in the background reflect the progressive movement of information, of data. Finally, the 7 pilots of the project were represented using 3D technology to embody the innovation and identity of this innovative and high-tech project.

Evolve - Detalhe 1 - LOBAbx
Evolve - Detalhe 2 - LOBAbx
Evolve - Detalhe 3 - LOBAbx
Evolve - Detalhe 4 - LOBAbx
Evolve - Detalhe 5 - LOBAbx
Evolve - Detalhe 6 - LOBAbx
Evolve - Detalhe 7 - LOBAbx
Evolve - Detalhe 8 - LOBAbx

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