Urban Tech

11 partners

9 countries

3 years (2021-2024)

€ 4 973 328,75 funding


Ongoing project

URBAN TECH is a 3-year EU-funded project by the European funding programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

URBAN TECH will support the acceleration of competitive success of European SMEs through market launch of new or significantly improved products and services with higher value in Health Tech, Smart City and Greentech industry sectors.

The project will first collect 300 challenges from public and private sector, second will launch 3 open calls for innovative solutions for SMEs and Startups, third, will accelerate the selected projects with funding up to € 53500,00.



Urbantech - Website


UrbanTech - Branding


Our role

As consortium member of URBAN TECH, LOBA is the dissemination and communication leader of the project. During the 3 years of project, LOBA will be in charge of developing the strategy for the project communication activities, creating the project visual identity, designing and producing the project communication materials (video, factsheets, brochures, communication kit, etc.), creating and managing the URBAN TECH website, creating and maintain the project mailing list and disseminating periodic newsletters, press releases and interact with the media to promote the project and its findings, managing the participation in events. LOBA is also in charge of developing URBAN TECH Virtual Library of Challenges, which will allow applicants to easily navigate through the open calls for innovative solutions.

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