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In order to get closer to its public, the Foundation decided to create a mobile application that allows users to have information about CCB events in the palm of their hand, boosting the easy purchase of tickets and encouraging registration in the MyCCB area.

In addition to the access to the show schedule, users with access to the app have the advantage of personalizing their interaction with the institution, in the sense that they make their cultural preferences known, and the app returns suggestions of events according to their profile.

The main goal of the project is to foster an increasingly personalized relationship between CCB and its public, offering a reserved area in which users can check their favorite events, their transactions, digital tickets and, in a gamification logic, build their cultural profile, based on experiences of their preference.

This concept will be fed by information from ticket purchases in CCB stores and restaurants and even with actions carried out within the application. An experience will be offered depending on the score, preferences and attendance to the spaces.

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