Paulo Fonseca - LOBA

Paulo Fonseca

web designer

Designer with over 20 years of experience in graphic and digital design. The first steps were taken in graphic design and with the evolution of the internet I quickly realized that my path was digital design because it’s a medium much more dynamic and interactive.

Observer, methodical and obsessed with details; I am naturally a precursor of minimal design, objective and focused in the essential. Music, cinema, comics, mountain biking (MTB) are some of my favorite hobbies. I often say that I never get bored because of having too many hobbies! In addition to these hobbies, I value a lot the time spent with my friends and family and especially those moments that happen around a table.

I consider myself a “food fond” and a wine lover. Social by nature, people are my inspiration. Inspires me to be with people, with my team, sharing knowledge, opinions or simply sharing a good joke.

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