Sales Cloud

What makes us different?

LOBA is the ideal partner to implement Sales Cloud

We are specialists in integrating solutions and tools into daily business routines so that each customer is, at all times, “perfectly known” to all the teams.

Increase productivity, achieve more sales in less time. Give power and automatisms to your team to work collaboratively, make the most of new opportunities and accomplish your business vision.

  • Lead Management
  • Management of Accounts and Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Work Flow and Approval
  • Integration of E-mails
  • Control of Goals and Kpi
  • Sales Forecasting

Lead Management

Follow your leads from the first click to the closing of the business deal

Follow your leads from the first click to the closing of the business deal and, at the same time, continuously optimise your campaigns in all channels. Forward and allocate leads to the right people through automatic targeting. 

Management of Accounts and Contacts

Have a comprehensive vision of the entire customer flow, including historical records of activities, important contacts, customer communications and in-house discussions related to the account.


Obtain all the details of your team’s negotiations by phase, products, competitors, market prices and much more.

Stay connected to the necessary people and information to close all the sales.

Work Flow and Approval

Use Visual Workflow to quickly create and automate any business process with a simple drag-and-drop.

Promote success with flexible approval processes for discounts, expenses and other information on negotiations. Automate commercial processes easily and faster.

Integration of E-mails

Use the e-mail tools that you already know, like Gmail or Outlook.

Synchronise everything, contacts, events, tasks and much more with Salesforce. Like this, everyone can be productive and increase agility by working directly in their e-mail box.

Control of Goals and Kpi

Salesforce enables controlling and measuring all your goals by salesperson, market area or even by customer.

The panels and reports offer all the metrics in a dynamic and simple manner, which can be produced with the desired regularity.

Sales Forecasting

Based on the entire historical record of opportunities, see the team’s forecasts quickly and ensure that you are always up-to-date on your business dealings and forecast achievement of goals.

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