Service Cloud

What makes us different?

LOBA is a specialist in customer service. We implement solutions made to measure so as to ensure higher productivity and exceptional customer service. 

With advanced tools adapted to your business, your teams can respond to your customers’ requests in an agile and smart manner.

Exceed your customers’ expectations by organising and prioritising the problems. Optimise work flows and use task automation to the benefit of your company and your partners.

  • Customer Service Console
  • Live Chat
  • Automated customer service portals
  • Knowledge base
  • Video service
  • On-site service
  • Social service
  • Smart call routing

Customer Service Console

Centralises all the necessary customer information and enables administering cases faster, tracking customer records and viewing panels in a single display mode.

Live Chat

Live Agent is an online tool that enables the customer to communicate with a customer service employee through the internet.

Automated customer service portals

Service Cloud Communities enables the creation of automated customer service portals and discussion forums for customer to quickly receive the answers they need, while also offering the employees the possibility of interacting with the customers on those channels.

Knowledge base

Whether for automated customer service or to enable the employees to find the right solutions more quickly, knowledge management is one of the best ways to offer exceptional customer service.

Video service

Enables easy incorporation of customer support resources such as information, case management, live agent (conversation) and SOS video conversation. Customers and employees can resolve problems faster, wherever they are.

On-site service

From telephone to on-site service, Field Service Lightning is the correct way to ensure delivery of customer service through face-to-face interactions. Create service orders, send the appropriate employees to the field for the task and monitor their performance.

Social service

With Service Cloud customer service tools, your team can create, edit and control performance in the majority of the social networks.

Smart call routing

Omni-Channel Presence and Routing help offer smarter and fast customer service. Helping to forward the work to the most suitable and available employee, the task is always directed to the person with the appropriate knowledge and time to resolve the problem.


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