How are we different?

Brands that really work well have strategy, creativity and performance. 

Our branding team has creative and strategic skills giving them a deep understanding of how your brand is experienced by your customer.

We brainstorm and develop brands from the ideation of their name to the materialisation of their positioning, creation of strategy and implementation of communication, advertising and activation actions.

Is your brand brandishing?

  • brand strategy
  • design
  • digital
The design makes the difference

To be present at major times in every detail.

Identities that bring brands close to their target groups. That inspire, arouse emotions, create connections and transform. 

Our visual creativity gives voice, coherence, presence and attitude to the brand’s soul: uniting people, sharing values and giving life to great ideas.

Effective communication in the digital world.

We always use our creativity with the right data. We create stories, design full experiences, drawing brands closer to their customers, converting and creating loyalty among target groups.

We help brands to be at the right place, at the right time to create relationships and take advantage of the best business opportunities. We implement long-term projects or localised campaigns for immediate results.


why LOBA

A multidisciplinary and motivated team, ready to enter into action at any time in your brand’s history.

We are inspired by the emotions of each brand to create unique and powerful strategies. We design intense experiences for people, which tell them memorable stories. We create impact. 
We are specialists in brand strategy, design and digital marketing. 

In the Branding world, we are an agency with a global vision

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